Immigrants & Minorities Unify Services Association (IMUSA)
A NJ Nonprofit Corporation


Mission Statement

Implement government projects and outreach programs for solving intractable social issues. Focus on long-term goals to provide efficient public education and assistance services to fulfill individuals and families’ urgent needs regardless of their race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age or disability.

Vision Plan

Immigrants & Minorities Unify Services Association (IMUSA)
A NJ Nonprofit Corporation is committing to provide efficient public assistance services to target population including but not limit to:

  • Translation/Interpretation
  • Culture
  • Transportation
  • Employment/ Unemployment
  • Information/Referral
  • Assisted Living
  • Adult Day Care Social Services
  • Social/Cultural Community Center
  • Home Health Care Attendants and Aides / Home Makers
  • Support Group
  • Public Education (health, physical fitness, ESL literacy, citizenship test preparations, culture, arts & crafts workshops, family support groups and afterschool programs for children & parents).

Services:  These services include but are not limit as below:

•  Translation & Interpretation

•  Agency referrals / legal assistance

•  ESL/Health/Personal Enrichment & Knowledge education for elderly, youth & families

•  Find match homemaker/aides for elderly with special needs living in public houses

•  Find match community care program for individuals with disabilities and special needs

•  Social support for families with mental health problems

•  Employment/unemployment assistance & referral                    

• Public assistance for Food Stamp & Welfare

•  Housing assistance for senior & low income families

•  Youth children support/assistance/activities

•  Immigration (USCIS) referral and assistance for immigrant legal status and petitions 

•  Applying Medicare/Medicaid, NJ Family Care health insurance & Social Security retirement benefits

•  Transportation needs

•   Promote government’s public health information and notifications relate to COVID – 19 virus vaccination and prevention news updates

Service Target Population/Geographic Area:

IMUSA primary service target population is immigrant and minority Asian/Chinese legal family residents living within city of Atlantic City, county of Atlantic County and other counties within State of New Jersey that characterize to be:

• Minority primary native – Their languages are not English speaking;

• Aging – Each individual is minimum sixty years of age up to over eighty years old;

• Vulnerable – They are under disadvantages of differences in cultural, customs, living styles and language barriers;

• Frail – Individual adults age over 18 years old have various physical, health or mental disability conditions;

• Impoverish – Their income levels are within 2021 HHS Poverty Guidelines